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05.03.2014 19:39 - ORCHID - новите BLACK SABBATH - "CAPRICORN", 2011, full album
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During the year of 2007, "God" created a band named Orchid to carry the torch that Black Sabbath left behind after the Sabotage album, and to some extent Sabbath Bloody Sabbath. In 2009, a taste of what was to come was presented in the four song ep, Through the Devils Doorway. We now know that we are taking a ride back to the early 1970s, and we are excited for what it is to come. However, it wasn"t until the end of 2011 that Orchid released Capricorn, which dare I say, could have been recorded by Black Sabbath anywhere between Master of Reality to before Sabotage. First of all, the band"s name is Orchid, which is a Sabbath song off Master of Reality, and let me begin with, we have heard many bands incorporate the sound of Sabbath within their riffs, their vocals, their influence, but NO band has actually captured the vintage recording, the spirit of Tony Iommi"s riffs, the spirit of young Ozzy"s vocals, the spirit of Geezer Butler"s attack, and the spirit of Bill Ward"s fills and groove.

"Eyes Behind the Wall" starts off with a mighty riff, and the first thing you realize is, you really are going back in time. For those that wanted to hear a new, old school Black Sabbath album, you will be giggling like a little schoolgirl. When I talk about vintage recordings, this is no joke, the retro-vintage sound has been making its comeback since 2002, but Orchid studied or whoever produced the album knew exactly how the Sabbath records were recorded. The highlight track on this record is "He Who Walks Alone," not only does the spirit of Sabbath, but the spirit of Saint Vitus ring true in this epic, rock-heavy riff number. This song has many parts to it that just make it so heavy and fist pumping, that one part after another, you will be so enchanted with this band that you will never ask for another classic Black Sabbath like this. We, now, have this new band named Orchid, that has graciously accepted the torch. The album closer is "Albatross," and this song sends the message that your "journey," "trip," or "ride" back to the 1970s is now over. Think of "Planet Caravan," or well, the song, "Orchid." It is a nice, soothing ballad that will leave you wanting more from this awesome band.

Now, a track by track summary could have been displayed or more detail, but the assumption is that most people know what Ozzy-fronted Black Sabbath sounds like. And this very well is the record that Black Sabbath could have recorded before releasing daring albums such as Technical Ecstasy or Never Say Die. In fact, this would have been a better closer to that line-up, however, it happens that this band wanted to keep the legacy alive. If, for any reason, this review made you curious, just go listen to "He Who Walks Alone," and you will have a new favorite band. If not, God may not forgive you, and you will forever, walk alone.



1. Eyes behind the wall
2. Capricorn
3. Black Funeral
4. Masters of it all
5. Down into the Earth
6. He who walks alone
7. Cosmonaut of three
8. Electric Father
9. Albatross

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